Preparing for Your Sleep Study

Preparing for your sleep study at St. Vincent’s is simple; you should treat it like a night at a hotel. Once you arrive (reporting time 8:30 pm), a sleep technician will escort you to your room. 

Where Do I Go?

We have sleep centers at each of our three campuses.

St. Vincent’s Riverside

Park on the 5th floor of the DePaul parking garage near the entrance doors and follow the hallway to suite 535 on the 5th floor of the DePaul building. 

St. Vincent’s Southside

Report to the Roger Main Building (behind the hospital) and go to Suite 245

St. Vincent’s Clay County

Report to the Medical Office Building (to the right of the hospital) and go to the third floor. The lab is located in Suite 330.

What Should I Bring?

Pack like you would for any other night spent away from home. We encourage you to wear appropriate sleep attire so that you’re comfortable the entire night. We also recommend bringing a change of clothes for the next day and any toiletries you need.

What Amenities Are Available?

Your room is fully furnished with a queen-size bed, desk, television, wireless internet and private bathroom. You’re welcome to take a shower and prepare for the day as you normally would the morning after your study. 

Contact our sleep centers to learn more about the conditions we diagnose and treat: