Rehabilitation Services

A fragmented disk stopped Kevin in his tracks. The pressure it was causing on his spine brought about paralysis in his leg. He collapsed at work and was rushed to St. Vincent’s. Kevin was seen by a neurosurgeon who thought he might be a good candidate for intense physical therapy in an effort to avoid surgery.

Several months of outpatient therapy including hot/cold treatments, strength training, therapeutic massages and daily home exercises moved Kevin’s disk back into place.

The coordinated care by his neurosurgeon and physical therapist, in addition to Kevin’s dedication to his at home stretching and strengthening are responsible for helping him avoid surgery and being able to return to a pain-free life.

St. Vincent’s offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehab services to help patients get back on their feet. Our team of licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists focus on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of general musculoskeletal conditions, women’s services and lymphedema.

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