Meet Some of Our Orthopedic Patients

Mark D.

Mark Testimonial

“It’s a true miracle. I don’t have any indication that I had any problems with my hips. I am as active as I can be.”

In 2005, Mark was coaching professional football in Green Bay. An avid jogger, he started to experience aches and pains in his left hip. 42 years of collegiate and professional football coaching in addition to being an active athlete is enough to give anyone arthritic hips. Having to find time in his coaching schedule led Mark to put off surgery for four years. By 2009, his football career brought him to Jacksonville. He started researching orthopedic surgeons because of a noticeable limp and limited mobility.

“Dr. Heekin turned out to be the guy for me. The nursing and physical therapy staff at St. Vincent’s was superb and I was treated like royalty, I wanted to stay.”

Once the left hip had been replaced Mark started experiencing problems with his right hip. Again, he waited four years and had surgery with Dr. Heekin in the off season for maximum healing and recovery.

After each surgery, physical therapy had him on a walker the same day. He went from a walker to crutches to a cane. Four weeks after surgery he was able to attend the Combine, walking everywhere and doing interviews although he didn’t feel 100% until two months post-surgery.

“After joint replacement, you don’t feel the pain; you get excited and want to keep moving.”

Now seven years and three years post both surgeries, Mark says he feels great. “I have no hint in my body, feeling or movement wise that I have anything but what the good Lord gave me.”

Mark’s new hips allow him to do what he loves most, coaching professional athletes in Tampa and playing sports. At 62 years of age, he enjoys biking, surfing, golfing and playing softball in addition to his busy football coaching career.

Alan B.

Alan Testimonial

“I have a new lease on life thanks to St. Vincent’s and Dr. Max Lincoln”

Alan B. has had a life full of adventure. He wasn’t going to allow two bum knees to stop him from living life to the fullest, even at 71 years old.

Alan is an Army Veteran having served our nation for 24 years in special ops and later as a pilot. He and his wife of 51 years raised three children and now have three grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He’s led a very busy personal and professional life.

That has continued into retirement. In addition to chasing all the grandkids around, Alan enjoys golf, travelling and even working a bit. He officiated a host of youth athletics including football, fast-pitched softball and volleyball until the pain in his knees become overwhelming. It got so bad at one point he could barely walk.

Alan refused to be sidelined and sought out the expertise of the orthopedic surgeons at St. Vincent’s. He wound up having both knees replaced and has never looked back.
8 weeks after the second knee replacement, Alan was not only back on the golf course he was back on the job officiating games.