Our Heart Patients

Countless patients have trusted their heart health to St. Vincent's. These are their stories.

Maynard E.

Talk to Maynard E. about his experience with the heart team at St. Vincent’s and his cracked voice and watery eyes will tell you all you need to know.

Rushed to the ER after waking up paralyzed from the waist down one morning, Maynard was informed he had aortic dissection, or more simply a shredded aorta. If he didn’t undergo surgery right away, he would die.

Dr. Raymond Lee, a cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Vincent’s, worked in the operating room for more than six hours to repair Maynard’s heart. His heart was in such dire shape, Dr. Lee and the OR team had to do everything in their power to keep Maynard’s condition from claiming his life during the procedure.

Several hours after he entered the operating room, Maynard emerged, alive. From there, he began a years-long recovery process that still continues to this day.

Maynard never faced the many obstacles riddling his road to recovery with anything but optimism. A self-described fighter, it never occurred to Maynard to simply give in. While his wife takes much of the credit for his spirit, he’s always sure to thank the OR, open heart recovery team, and especially Dr. Lee from the bottom of his now-repaired heart.   

George B.

With a strenuous day job, a diet high in salt and a lack of sleep, George B. wasn't exactly a shining example of heart health. After helping his daughter set up for a garage sale one day, he felt pain on his left side that prompted a visit to the St. Vincent’s ER.

George underwent a series of tests and it was determined he required a stent in his heart. After his procedure, George learned a lot about nutrition and how to improve his diet at St. Vincent’s Cardiac Rehab. Thanks to everything he learned at St. Vincent’s, George is now able to do the things he loves: working in the yard, exercising and spending time with his family.

George’s story is just one example of how our cardiovascular treatments can improve your life. When you entrust your heart’s health to our talented team of cardiologists, you benefit from the best cardiovascular care in Northeast Florida.

From innovative treatments for a range of heart conditions to programs that empower you to take charge of your health, you can be confident our comprehensive cardiovascular program will leave you with a strong, healthy heart.

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