Wellness & Support

The path to a healthy heart doesn't end when you visit St. Vincent’s for treatment. In fact, the path starts with you and the choices you make. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone on your journey.

Wellness & Support Options


HeartSmart is a 16-hour program designed to help you minimize your risk of heart disease. By focusing on a healthy diet, stress management and physical exercise, this program will help you prevent future cardiovascular events.

Classes meet over the course of eight weeks and are led by a registered dietitian, with guest speakers that include cardiologists and other heart-health experts.

Ornish Reversal Program

This unique program is designed to help patients who have already experienced major heart events reduce their risk for new complications or events. Similar to HeartSmart, it focuses on exercise, nutritious dietary choices and successful stress management techniques. Unlike HeartSmart, however, the Ornish Reversal Program is the first integrative medicine of its kind to be covered under a new benefit category by Medicare.

Heart Failure Clinic & University

Our Heart Failure Clinic is where you’ll receive your recovery regiment after you’ve been discharged from the hospital following a heart event. During your sessions, you’ll work with an advanced registered nurse practitioner to ensure your routine is optimized for you.

Our heart failure university offers an additional resource. This free program features education that will help you increase your understanding of heart failure.

No matter which program works best for you, our goal remains the same: empowering you to make healthy heart choices. 

Give us a call to find out more about the wellness and support options we offer.