Your Care Team

Cancer care is a team effort at St. Vincent’s. It takes many types of physicians and healthcare providers to help you through your journey. St. Vincent’s works hard to provide you quality, compassionate care in order to obtain the best outcomes possible .

Cancer Support

Certified Oncology Dietitian


This person makes sure you are maintaining good nutrition and weight during your treatments. St. Vincent's Cancer Services is the only cancer program in town with a Certified Oncology Dietitian. 

Outpatient Social Workers

904-308-7050 or 904-308-7042

These professionals help you manage the day-to-day challenges of living with cancer. They offer counseling, education, home care planning, and help to connect you to hospital and community resources. They also provide referrals to community resources for you, as well as your family and friends.

Certified Genetic Counselor


Our Certified Genetic Counselor looks over your medical and family history to provide you with a personalized risk assessment to help guide appropriate treatment options.

Research Nurse

Our RN provides access to any clinical trials or research that can be incorporated into your custom treatment plan.

Patient & Nurse Navigators

St. Vincent’s has a robust patient and nurse navigator program because we understand a cancer diagnosis can be confusing and overwhelming. These professionals serve as your advocate throughout your cancer journey. They will guide you throughout the process-- scheduling appointments, helping with paperwork, coordinating logistics with your care team, answering questions and helping to translate complicated medical jargon. They often serve as a shoulder to cry on and act as sounding boards. Their hearts are huge and their knowledge-base deep. This coordinated effort translates into faster treatment, better outcomes and fewer worries for you.

  • Lung Cancer & Neuro Cancer Nurse Navigator 904-308-5864
  • Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator 904-308-3677
  • Breast Health Advocate 904-308-5385
  • Cancer Patient Navigator 904-308-7877
  • Cancer Nurse Navigator 904-296-5245
  • Survivorship Nurse Navigator 904-308-5856

Cancer Committee 

By collaborating on goal setting, development, evaluation and improvement of all our cancer-related activities we can better serve you.

Committee Members

  • Anne Bernstein, MD  - Pathology 
  • Hudson Berrey,MD - Orthopedic Oncology
  • Brett Cantrell,MD  - Pathology
  • Jennifer Contin,MD -  Palliative Care
  • Michael Donohue, MD - Radiology 
  • Michael Fallucco, MD - Plastic Surgery
  • Leann Fox, MD - Medical Oncology
  • Javier Herrera, MD - General Surgery, Cancer Liaison Physician
  • Hank Hill, MD - Surgical Oncology
  • Kevin Hunger, MD - Medical Oncology
  • Ali Lankarani, MD - Gastroenterology 
  • Paul Ossi MD - Radiation Oncology, Cancer Conference Coordinator 
  • Hilleary Rockwell, MD - Pediatrics
  • Donald Smitha, DDS - Dental
  • Timothy Sternberg, MD - Pain Management
  • William Sumner, MD - Surgical Oncology, Cancer Committee Chair 
  • Jose Soto-Soto, MD - Pulmonology 
  • Robin Bettman, R.Ph., BCOP - Pharmacy
  • Kate Bodden, DPT - Rehabilitative Services
  • Sean Powell, MSW, LCSW, CCM, OSW-C - Palliative Care Manager 
  • Tina Calloway - Marketing
  • Jenny Lehman, MSW - Social Work- Outpatient, Cancer Services Psychosocial Coordinator 
  • Barbara Dearmon, CTR - Cancer Registry Manager, Cancer Registry Coordinator 
  • Alanna Eubanks, RD - Certified Cancer Dietitian
  • Cynthia Farah - Administration Director, Cancer Services 
  • Maureen Feliciano - Care Management, Social Worker
  • Veena Ganesh, GC - Genetic Counselor, Quality Improvement Coordinator 
  • Abby Hart, RN - Research Nurse, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Lisa Heath,RN - Nursing Director
  • Wendy Holt, RN - Cancer Services Manager
  • Sue Kreichelt, RN - Nurse Navigation – Lung, Spine & Brain Cancer
  • Catherine Lane, RN - Radiation Therapy
  • Ray Miller, DPT - Manager, Rehabilitative Services
  • Mary Moore, Chaplain - Pastoral Care
  • Jill Nelson, RT - Manager, Breast Health Center
  • Kathy Rozar, CHSP 
  • Vicky Willis, RN, Oncology Nursing - Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Marlynn Townsend, RT - Patient Navigation - Cancer

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