Breast Surgery & Reconstruction

The breast cancer journey often goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. Many survivors opt to have their breast or part of their breast removed, and then undergo reconstruction surgery.

Over the years, breast reconstruction has evolved. Surgeons are offering newer, more advanced options. Talk with your plastic surgeon about all the procedures that are available and the one that works best for you.

Breast Surgery Procedures performed at St. Vincent's


A mastectomy is a surgery to remove a breast or part of a breast.


A lumpectory is a surgery to remove the tumor and a small amount of normal tissue around it.

TRAM Tissue Flap Surgery

This procedure takes muscle and tissue from the lower belly to rebuild breasts with existing tissue versus prosthesis. This also reduces the amount of fat and skin in the lower belly, resulting in a tummy tuck.

DIEP Tissue Flap Surgery

DIEP Surgery is similar to TRAM.The surgeon takes fat and skin from the lower belly area to rebuild breasts but doesn't use the muscle. By saving the muscle, it helps avoid possible belly weakness and could result in a faster recovery. Like TRAM, it results in a tummy tuck.

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