Pain Management

We are committed to pain prevention, pain management and pain education. When you are in pain, please be sure to tell your nurse, doctor or other medical professional. We will take every step we can to minimize your discomfort.

During your stay, our staff will regularly ask you about your level of pain to ensure you are not only comfortable, but also that your treatment is working. You will be asked to rate your pain on a scale of "0" to "10" with:

  • "0" being no pain
  • "5" being moderate pain
  • "10" being the worst pain imaginable

Using this scale to describe your pain helps the doctors and nurses gauge your pain level and determine whether treatment changes need to be made. You are the key to getting the best relief for yourself—tell your caregivers if you are in pain. And remember; ask for pain medications when the pain first begins, not when you cannot tolerate it anymore.