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Leslie B. Beadling

Specializing in

  • Family Medicine

Brent Beading MD received his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Florida, and completed his residency in family medicine and fellowship in sports medicine at Halifax Hospital Medical Center. He loves being able to have positive and potentially life-changing influence on patients’ health. Things change constantly in medicine, so he spends countless hours doing the research to provide the best health advice available.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Sports medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Hypertension

From the Doctor

I’m kind of a health nut in more ways than one. On the work side, I pride myself on being well studied in my field and am always searching for new and better ways to treat my patients. But when I’m not on the clock, I’m an avid exerciser and a firm believer that healthy lifestyles lead to healthy patients. I also love sports, both college and pro and cheer on my SEC teams religiously in basketball and football.

I don’t miss days of work and even on the weekends, I’m churning away to get my patients the attention and results they need. I feel they deserve my attention and, hopefully, it makes them more of an active and informed participant in their health.


Medical School

University of Florida


Halifax Medical Center


Halifax Medical Center


1997 American Board of Family Medicine 1999 American Board of Family Medicine (Sports Medicine

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Contact Information

  • Office Phone: 904-450-8900