Joseph David Ruggiero

Specializing in

  • Otolaryngology

David Ruggiero, M.D. studied medicine at the University of South Florida. He became an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist because he loved the idea of being in the operating room and found that surgeries in this field, in particular provided the biggest challenge.
His areas of expertise include:

• Neck surgery
• Middle ear surgery

From the Doctor

I’ve always believed I have a responsibility to do the right thing and take care of patients. I’ve dedicated my life to caring for others whether they have the means or not. When a difficult surgery goes well, the rush is pretty incredible because I know I’ve made a difference.

Something that might surprise people to know is I’m an Electrical Engineer and retired from the US Navy Reserves. I grew up around here and my extended family lives here, so I love working in this community. In addition to being a surgeon, I always try to work on my golf game, which is almost as challenging as being a doctor.


Medical School

University of South Florida - College of Medicine


Naval Air Station Jacksonville Naval Medical Center - San Diego


2003 American Board of Otolaryngology

Contact Information

  • Office Phone: 904-272-3200