Ambar M. Patel

Specializing in

  • Cardiology

Ambar Patel, MD graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine at Gainesville in 2007. Dr. Patel believes patient care is truly a holistic approach involving mind, body and soul and knows it takes time, patience and a dedicated partnership between patient and doctor.

His areas of expertise include:

• Cardiovascular medicine
• Nuclear cardiology
• Echocardiography
• Primary prevention
• Lipid Management
• Heart Failure
• Women’s heart disease

From the Doctor

Cardiology has always been a passion for personal reasons. A close family member was struck with cardiovascular disease at an early age and witnessing their struggles really motivated me to want to tackle the disease. I’m constantly amazed by the medical advancements allowing us to do what we do and am curious and excited about the breakthroughs that haven’t even happened yet.  I love spending time with my family, traveling the world and learning about new people and cultures,but .I can honestly say it’s a joy to live here in Northeast Florida.


Medical School

University of Florida


Medical College of Georgia


University of Florida - Shands Jacksonville


2010 American Board of Internal Medicine 2013 Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology 2013 American Board of IM (Cardiovascular Disease)


  • Gujarati
  • Hindhi

Contact Information

  • Office Phone: 904-450-8500