Shirley Eileen Jones

Specializing in

  • Family Medicine

Shirley Jones, MD graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn. and completed her family medicine residency at the University of Alabama-Birmingham in Huntsville, Alabama.

Her areas of expertise include:

• Geriatrics
•Women’s Health
•High Blood Pressure
•Thyroid Disorders
•Weight Management.

From the Doctor

I believe medical care is all about the patients.  As simple as that sounds, I think sometimes we all forget that, doctors, patients, politicians and insurance companies alike.   My job is to help empower patients and their families to make informed decisions about their health and I’ve dedicated my life to doing just that.  Being a physician is a privilege, and being a partner in your healthcare is a passion.  


Medical School

Meharry Medical College


Henry Ford Hospital

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  • Office Phone: 904-421-8260
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    Mon. - Fri. 7:00 am - 5:00 pm