Nursing Opportunities

Whether you are new to nursing or have benefitted throughout the years in the industry, you will see that St. Vincent's HealthCare offers a unique place to nurture your career. When you talk to the nurses at St. Vincent's, you'll find that they share a comraderie that is hard to find in other workplaces.

The leadership at St. Vincent's, part of Ascension Health's wide span of Catholic healthcare ministries, strives to offer unique benefits when you choose to develop your career here. Here is just one of many examples:

Rapid Response Team

As an answer to reduce the number of in-hospital heart attacks and other life-threatening events, St. Vincent's and other progressive hospitals in the country have implemented a system to stop the code before it happens. At St. Vincent's, this system is called the Rapid Response Team and it is one of the six quality improvement changes recommended by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Learn more about this unique resource on our Nursing Rapid Response Team page.