Pediatric Nutrition and Wellness Program

St. Vincent’s Mobile Health Outreach Ministry is committed to helping kids in Duval County learn healthy habits.

The program delivers a nutrition and health-focused curriculum interspersed with various physical activities like yoga to underserved students in grades three through five.

The goal of the 9-week program is to prevent and decrease childhood obesity.

Students will take part in interactive games and activities to learn:

• Physical Fitness
• Yoga and Self Awareness
• Portion Size Awareness
• Reading Food Labels
• Nutrition Facts
• Hydration Tips
• Healthy Snack Prep
• Nutrition Knowledge
• Fat Facts
• Goal Setting

This program is made possible by the generous support of the St. Vincent’s HealthCare Foundation and the Aetna Foundation.

For more information or to sign up your student or school contact:
Program Director and Registered Dietitian
Michelle Lynch MSH, RDN, LDN