Faith Community Nursing

Faith Community Nursing, created in 1991, connects St. Vincent’s HealthCare, community resources and local church congregations to promote holistic health and wellness in our community. The program is available to all faith traditions.

How It Works

The program and congregation identify the specific services needed for their members. If the congregation’s needs change, so do the services provided. We provide education, consultation and peer support to the volunteer nurses who donate their time and talents within their own church.

The nurses coordinate the services to be provided and helps coordinate volunteers who can help parishioners with their health needs. The nurses and volunteers visit members at home, in nursing homes or during hospital stays. They provide a prayerful presence and comfort in times of need.

Faith Community Nursing values the spiritual aspect of providing care. In all activities, nurses try to help others understand that faith, lifestyle, attitude and relationships are all connected to wellness.


Faith Community Nurses are registered nurses with advanced training who volunteer to help their congregations find healing through God and through medical resources available in the community.

Registered nurses interested in Faith Community Nursing should call 904-308-7558 for more information.

Is Your Church Interested?

Faith Community Nursing is open to all faith traditions. To establish a program within a congregation, we create an agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities and obligations. Generally, we help you and your volunteer nurse organize and maintain the program by:

  • Assisting with the introduction and/or installation of the program to the congregation
  • Assisting in needs assessment of the congregation
  • Providing support and direction for the Faith Community Nurse
  • Helping the Faith Community Nurse determine appropriate programs and activities to meet demonstrated needs
  • Helping present educational programs
  • Providing regular supervision of the Volunteer Nurse Coordinator through the Chief Mission Integration Officer
  • Providing continuing education opportunities in the areas of pastoral ministry and nursing
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with the congregation through the Faith Community Nursing Program Coordinator

To successfully establish and maintain the program, a congregation must:

  • Accept the Faith Community Nurse as a full member of the congregation staff
  • Establish a “health committee” or “health cabinet” to help the Faith Community Nurse and pastor coordinate and assess activities
  • Provide access to office space or office equipment. If possible, they may also provide appropriate secretarial support for the Faith Community Nurse.

Pastors, church members or faith organizations interested in learning more about Faith Community Nursing can call 904-308-7558 for more information.

Registered nurses interested in Faith Community Nursing should call 904-308-7558 for more information.