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Published on February 09, 2016

When Cancer Joins The Family: St. Vincent's Offers Support, Answers For Parents, Kids

By Jessica Palombo, WJCT News

A program at St. Vincent’s hospital is helping families with young kids learn to cope with cancer. The support group is called Kids Together Against Cancer.    

At any given time, between four and eight North Florida families are attending the meetings at St. Vincent’s. Kids Together Against Cancer welcomes all families dealing with cancer, regardless of where parents are receiving treatment.

Social worker and coordinator Jenny Lehman says many parents have the same question: “How much information do I tell my children and does that change based on their age?”

For kids, the group offers art therapy and a chance to ask their own questions. Lehman says the staff guide parents based on what children already know and what they think they can handle.

Meetings are at St. Vincent’s in Riverside.

For more information visit the Kids Together Against Cancer Facebook page or call 904-308-KTAC (5822).