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Published on March 01, 2016

Jacksonville woman finds herself on billboard 51 years after photo was taken

By Lindsey Boetsch, First Coast News

june moody story

More than five decades after a picture was taken of 91-year-old June Moody, she's finding it in the most unlikely of places.

"He said, 'Mother, you're on the road!' I said, 'What?' He said, 'Your picture is on the road!' He took and showed it to me, way over there, and way over there," said Moody.

Moody met her husband at MacDill Airforce Base and moved to Jacksonville in the 1940s. They had 7 kids and she had an overnight job at St. Vincent's Hospital.

She tells me that's when the picture now seen in The Florida Times-Union and on billboards all over Jacksonville was taken.

"These are the premie babies and the photographer had all of them. Sister says grab a baby, hold it, come out here," she recalled. "All they said, we don't know nothing about it. All we know is to take the picture, and this was back in '65. And then, I find it now! Dear Gussy!"

But don't think that big billboard and her photo in the paper is going to go to her head. She's remaining quite humble.

"I just said, 'Here I am!' I didn't feel different. I just felt... like... June," said Moody.

She worked at St. Vincent's for 30 years. She says she hasn't thought about that picture in many decades.

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