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Published on June 30, 2016

Healthcare systems join forces to open new MOSH exhibit

By Editor, Resident News

In a rare collaboration, five of Jacksonville’s leading healthcare systems joined the Museum of Science & History (MOSH) to present a new interactive exhibit that explores personal and community health.

The exhibit, Health in Motion: Discover what MOVES You opened with CEOs and board members of the five healthcare systems on hand to “throw the switch” and ignite a large green EKG display, which monitored the beat of the new exhibit during a VIP reception June 13.

The display opened to the public June 14 and is part of the celebration of MOSH’s 75–year milestone. As a “core” exhibit, it will be part of MOSH’s collection for the next decade.

MOSH has been celebrating its diamond anniversary this year with special programming, events and exhibitions, of which Health in Motion is one. Throughout the year, MOSH will host a variety of programs and exhibits that will reflect on the past, celebrate the present and plan for the future. A special celebratory event will be held in November 2016.

Health in Motion was the first time Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, Mayo Clinic Florida, St. Vincent’s Health Care and UF Health Jacksonville have joined forces to collectively fund and act as expert resources in shaping and designing an exhibit with MOSH.

Taking an active role in opening the exhibit at the VIP reception were Hugh Greene, president and CEO of Baptist Health, Doug Baer, CEO of Brooks Rehabilitation, Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, CEO of the Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Dr. Mike Schatzlein, president and CEO of St. Vincent’s HealthCare, and Russ Armistead, CEO of UF Health Jacksonville.

“UF Health Jacksonville is proud to be a part of the unique collaboration between MOSH and five other healthcare institutions throughout Jacksonville,” said Russ Armistead, CEO of UF Health. “We all share a common commitment to providing accurate information in order to expand the knowledge and improve the health of the people within our community. The new Health in Motion exhibit showcases the importance of presenting a unified voice across the communities we serve in Northeast Florida and beyond.”

The nonprofit healthcare systems worked with the curatorial team at MOSH for more than a year interpreting how environment and lifestyle can impact both individual and community health in the five counties that comprise Northeast Florida. The new exhibit is a vibrant, interactive guest experience that explores their findings, utilizing data gathered from the 2012 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), which is a joint effort between the nonprofit health systems. (The 2015 CHNA results were released this spring.)

In the 725-square-foot, state-of-the-art exhibit, visitors explore the body systems to better understand the importance of individual choices, external factors and movement on their personal health and the overall health of the region.

Movement is a central theme of Health in Motion, and the exhibit illustrates several aspects of movement including the movement of body systems, the movement of community factors that impact health, the movement of light and sounds within the exhibit space, and physical movement through games and interactive components.

“St. Vincent’s HealthCare and the Museum of Science and History have always been organizations on the move,” said Dr. Mike Schatzlein, president and CEO of St. Vincent’s. “As MOSH celebrates 75 years of educating our community, we celebrate 100 years of healing it. Our organizations are both thriving today with strong community support because we understand the importance of movement – of moving forward and staying at the forefront of our respective fields. This exhibit creatively explains how movement impacts all aspects of our lives – from how movements inside of our bodies keep us alive to how moving our bodies keeps us healthy. We are honored to join with MOSH and colleagues from other local health organizations to help make our community a healthier place to live.”

Hugh Greene, president and CEO of Baptist Health said his health system’s mission is broader than caring only for those with illness and injury. “We are committed to promoting the good health of those in our community,” he said. “We are pleased to partner with the Museum of Science and History in the exhibit in order to have an even greater impact to help people live well – stay well.”

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