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Published on July 06, 2016

Beat the heat: Don't let it beat you

By Gene Wexler, WOKV News

As the unrelenting Florida heat stretches through the weekend, the name of the game is “beat the heat.”

Though young children and the elderly are predisposed to having heat-related issues, Dr. Laurie Bryant at St. Vincent’s HealthCare says the heat can affect any age group.

Bryant is an emergency physician and returned to work on Wednesday where she says she saw two patients suffering from heat-related issues.

“People feeling the toll of the heat,” she says. “It’s all about prevention.”

Dr. Bryant says a common theme she says is people are doing too much strenuous activity outdoors.

“When you become thirsty it’s too late,” she says.

Instead of trying to hydrate with caffeinated, sugary or energy drinks, Dr. Bryant suggests drinking water. The key is to hydrate before going outside and to not underestimate fluid loss.

When suffering heat issues, Dr. Bryant says people generally start to sweat, get dizzy or have heart palpitations. People who come in to the hospital usually report “not feeling well.”

Dr. Bryant says if you’re too hot, go inside to where it’s cooler and drink water. If you feel dizzy, make sure you tell someone how you feel in case something happens.

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