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Published on October 01, 2015

Saving lives on wheels: St. Vincent's Mobile Mammography Unit

By Kathryn Jeffries, First Coast News

If you can't make it to the hospital or you're too scared to go, a simple visit to St. Vincent's Mobile Mammography Unit could save your life.

"It is the exact same equipment, same technologists. So it is the techs you see in the hospital, you will see in the mobile," said Elizabeth Frketic, a breast health advocate.

It is a quieter, friendly setting for those that are nervous to get screened. You call ahead and register a place and time to meet the unit. Then all you have to do is show up.

"They take your insurance card, driver's license, check you in and come back here. It is about 9 minutes from start to finish," Frketic said.

Last year, this unit did more than 2,000 mammograms. The unit visits businesses and different locations all around Jacksonville to try and reach women in all neighborhoods. Even if you don't have insurance, they can likely find a way to help you.

"If you don't have insurance, you can pre-qualify through the Hope Fund at the hospital. You can qualify in person or over the phone and those financial counselors determine what funds are available to help," Frketic said.

So if you want to set up a time to visit the mobile unit or have it come by your business call 904-308- 5490.

An important to note if you have symptoms including a lump, pain, inversion of any skin on your breast or implant – you cannot be seen at this unit. You do have to make an appointment at the hospital.

Your mobile mammogram screening will be read by a radiologist back at St. Vincent's and will notify you of the results. It is just another way to get that yearly screening that could save your life.

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