Published on May 15, 2014

Possible St. Vincent's expansion would bring jobs

By Stephanie Brown

It’s an expansion that could bring new healthcare access and an economic boost.

“Hospitals are kind of economic engines of their community,” says St. Vincent’s Medical Center Clay County President Blain Claypool.

Although the hospital opened only about six months ago, Claypool says they’re in the process of designing an expansion which would include maternity services and more acute care beds.  While they are still new, Claypool says it comes as no surprise to be planning an expansion at this stage.

“We knew that almost half of the residents of Clay County left the county for their care,” he says.

The expansion could also bring an estimated 175 jobs.

Claypool says they’re seeking approval now to start planning and design. If all goes well, he says we could see the changes by the end of next year.