Published on July 19, 2013

Local Surgeons Discuss the Field of Plastic Surgery

North Florida Doctor Magazine | July 2013

Plastic surgery is a dynamic field of medicine with a diverse array of subspecialities. Here some of northeast Florida’s most dedicated plastic surgeons discuss a little about their careers and their lives outside of work.


Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon at Desai Center of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Jacksonville. My dad is an ER physician at Baptist and I worked there as a patient transporter during high school.

Medical Education & Training:

Undergraduate, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.; Medical School, University of Florida; Residency, Saint Louis University; Cosmetic surgery fellowship and clinical instructor, University of Alabama – Birmingham


Wife, Mittal, an attorney and currently stay-at-home mom; Daughter, one-year-old, Karina

Why I Love Being a Plastic Surgeon:

I’ve heard only 15 – 20 percent of the population love their job. I’m one of them. It’s never boring because every patient is unique. We operate head-to-toe on young and old. We really cover the entire gamut of surgery. It’s a little known fact, when surgeons have a problem, such as a complex wound - they call a plastic surgeon.

Off the Clock, I Enjoy:

I love golf, but number one is spending time with my baby girl. She’s just a joy!

In 2013, I’m Excited About:

How much more there is to come in this field - regenerative medicine – using fat to enhance outcomes for the face and breast – implant technology. We’re one of only 10 sites participating in a clinical trial allowing women to use a remote control device at home to gradually expand breast skin, creating space for an implant. From a personal standpoint, I’m looking forward to growing our family.

People Might Be Surprised to Learn:

I used to play the drums and enjoy multiple genres of music.

Community Giveback:

We do a lot of pro bono work. I’m also on the board of directors, and am president-elect, of the North Florida affiliate of Susan G. Komen. In addition, we’re working with a new organization, ADTOC (A Different Type of Courage), a young survivor’s group organized by one of our patients.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


Saint Louis, Missouri

Medical Education & Training:

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tenn.; Completed a highly competitive combined General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Residency at St. Louis University; Additional year of training in peripheral nerve surgery at Neuropax Clinic-St. Louis


My wife and I have two children. Our son is three and we have a one-year-old daughter.

Why I’m a Plastic Surgeon:

The diversity is what drew me to this field. Every day, we’re doing a variety of cases. It’s a great field where you can see immediate results for some patients. I really enjoy working with cancer patients, and the majority of my work is in breast reconstruction. We perform DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator), an advanced autologous breast reconstruction technique that uses tissue from the belly to reconstruct the breast. Since it doesn’t involve the core muscles, recovery is faster, and there is a lot less pain. DIEP is only done in high volume centers and a number of patients come to see us specifically for this procedure. We do well over 100 a year.

I also offer surgical treatment of migraines. It’s very gratifying to see patients get off of medications and back to their life and their family.

Biggest Misconception about Plastic Surgery:

I think when people think about plastic surgery, they immediately gravitate to aesthetics, but so much of what we do is about helping other surgeons with difficult surgeries and reconstruction.

Off the Clock:

My number one hobby is my family. I absolutely love spending time with my wife and kids. We enjoy the beach and outdoor activities and we also love to travel.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Coastal Cosmetic Center


Fort Pierce, Florida


Wife, Seran; Daughter, Alyssa, five; Son, Peyton, nine

Medical Education & Training:

Medical School, University of Miami; Full General Surgery Residency, Jackson Memorial Hospital; Plastic Surgery Fellowship, UF Health in Gainesville.

Why I Became a Plastic Surgeon:

I knew I didn’t want to sit at a desk all day. I like to work with my hands and plastic surgery allows me to do that. I found out I could help people while doing something I liked.

Best Part of the Job:

It’s actually fun. Most of my patients are relatively healthy individuals who are dealing with an injury that slows them down. Others require reconstruction, just want to look better or restore their body shape. I see patients from all over the country and often their family members too. Plastic surgery takes a lot of imagination and is a creative process, but unlike painting or other art forms, there are rules.

Off the Clock:

My family and I enjoy boating, beaches and sun. My son plays tennis, and my daughter enjoys dance. My wife is very involved in fitness and I like to golf, hunt, fish and travel.

On the Horizon:

Expansion is in our future. We’re moving one of our offices to a larger space, and we’re working to add a third partner. In the field of plastic surgery, there’s a lot of new technology being developed such as new silicone gel implants that have fewer complications. Our ability to provide plastic surgery with reduced levels of anesthesia is also improving. We can now do a full face lift under local anesthesia and achieve great results.

In the future, I believe we may see a return to some of the more trusted methods of plastic surgery. I have patients coming in who have been disappointed in the results of newer therapies like Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve and Ulthera. Even though they sound less invasive, the truth is, they overpromise and under deliver.
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