Dr. Dajani Clay County

Meet Dr. Dajani

Dr. Dajani Clay County

“When A Patient Says,‘Thank You,’ I’m The One Who’s Grateful.”

Omar Dajani, MD St. Vincent’s Cardiology

Omar Dajani, MD, believes in the people of Clay County. He feels a moral obligation to their health and well-being. He’s been a cardiologist here since 1987. He practices medicine at St. Vincent’s because “we share the same philosophy to put patients first.” That creates moments when he might run into a patient on the street who thanks him and tells a friend proudly, “This is my doctor.” That, says Dr. Dajani, is extremely rewarding. For physicians like him it’s about saving people’s lives. You can be certain this cardiologist has his heart in the right place. Learn more about St. Vincent’s Clay County and view a live webcam of our progress at MyClayHospital.com.

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