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Some things just run in the family. For Amy Beardsley, it’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Four generations of her family were born there. When Amy was pregnant with her first child, she learned her grandmother had advanced lung cancer. When she went into labor at St. Vincent’s, her Grandma Lois was there too—as a patient. One of Lois’ greatest wishes was to meet her great granddaughter. Knowing this, nurses and doctors stopped what they were doing and rushed Lois to the maternity unit. Amy says she will never forget the moment her grandmother came in and saw her newborn daughter. They had the same bright blue eyes. Grandma Lois passed away that night. The look of joy on her face when she saw her great granddaughter, however, will live in Amy’s mind forever. This is more than a job for our doctors and nurses. At St. Vincent’s we go out of our way to treat all of our patients like family.


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