Leaders At St. Vincent's HealthCare

SVHC board of directors

Michael Schatzlein, MD, Prseident and CEO St. Vincent's HealthCare

Michael Schatzlein, MD,
Chief Executive Officer
St. Vincent's HealthCare

Ann Carey
Ann Carey,
Vice President, Ascension Information Services/Chief Information Officer
John Cassani, DO
John Cassani, D.O.
President/Clinical Lead,
Ascension Medical Group
Blain ClaypoolBlain Claypool, 
Acute Care
Maureen Gartland
Maureen Gartland,
Vice President/Administrator
St. Catherine
Laboure Manor 
Kim Hodgkinson
Kim Hodgkinson,
Vice President, Ascension Health/
Chief Financial Officer
Lorraine Keith
Lorraine Keith, 
System Chief Nursing Officer
Jane Lanier
Jane R. Lanier, 
St. Vincent's Foundation
Jan Lipsky
Jan Lipsky, 
System Vice
President HR/
Organizational Development
and Chief Human Resource Officer
Tracie Loftis
Tracie Loftis, 
Vice President, Ascension Health/Chief Mission 
Integration Officer
Maureen Martin
Maureen Martin,
Vice President  
Bill Mayher
Bill Mayher,
Vice President 
Regional Development/
Corporate Responsibility Officer
David Meyer
David Meyer, 
Vice President, Ascension
Health/Chief Strategy &
Marketing Officer
Hugh Middlebrooks
Hugh Middlebrooks, 
Vice President, Ascension Health
General Counsel, Jacksonville Ministry Market 
Estrellita Redmon, MD
Estrellita Redmon, MD,
Vice President of Clinical Integration
Kenneth Rothfield, MD
Ken Rothfield, MD,
Chief Medical Officer,
Acute Care
Kyle Sanders
Kyle Sanders, 
President, Population Health and Care Continuum 
David Sapp
David Sapp, 
Vice President
Managed Care
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams,
Chief Operating Officer,
Acute Care