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St. Vincent's Riverside Women's Care Overview

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There's no better place to begin your baby's history than at St. Vincent's Medical Center Riverside. We've been delivering Jacksonville's babies since in 1916. That's a lot of babies!

Today, we deliver approximately 3,000 babies each year. Our expert and caring staff has a passion for taking care of new moms and babies. Our goal is to make sure you have the birthing experience you want.

We understand the importance of family participation and the special bond between new parents and their babies. So we've designed our Maternity Suites and practices to focus on your needs for family-centered care.

St. Vincent's Southside Women's Care Overview

The Family Birth Place at St. Vincent's Southside, formerly St. Luke's Hospital, offers a wonderful place to come into this world. Our Family Birth Place offers you Jacksonville's first single room maternity care. Our doctors and nurses strive to give you the birthing experience you want. We are here to assist you and your family and care for you while we share the miracle of birth. Our greatest joy is delivering healthy babies into the arms of loving families.

The Family Birth Place was designed from the ground up to provide you and your family an elegant, inviting atmosphere and a totally family-centered birthing experience. About 1,600 mothers choose to deliver their babies at the Family Birth Place each year. We recently completed a $1 million dollar renovation. So even if you're just walking the hall, you'll be surrounded by soothing, warm colors, gracious furnishings, and distinctive details.

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