Spine & Brain Testimonials

St. Vincent's Spine and Brain Institute has helped many patients find relief from the pains and disabilities that ailed them. You could be our next happy ending.  

Tyrone M. 

For Tyrone M., it started with tightness in his lower back and a shooting pain down his left leg when sitting down for a meeting. Within a month, the pain in his back and leg was so frequent and so intense he couldn’t sleep through the night.

Tyrone tried a spinal epidural at a pain management clinic and an adjustment from a chiropractor, but neither relieved his pain. Finally, he was referred to Dr. Ashutosh Pradhan, a neurosurgeon at St. Vincent’s Spine and Brain Institute. The only thing that would bring Tyrone relief was surgery.

Back surgery is a scary prospect for anyone, but the warmth and compassion Dr. Pradhan extended to Tyrone made his fears disappear. Dr. Pradhan explained every aspect of the procedure Tyrone would undergo and listened to any question or concern Tyrone had. He was never just a routine patient to Dr. Pradhan; he was Tyrone, and he needed surgery to relieve his back pain.

Thanks to the advanced technology and the expertise of St. Vincent’s talented neurosurgeons, Tyrone no longer has to live with the most excruciating pain he’s ever felt. Now he’s back to leading an adventurous life free of pain.

Talk to your primary care doctor and see if a referral to St. Vincent’s Spine and Brain Institute is right for you.