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Some of our caring team members.

Some of our caring team members.


The experienced in-patient rehabilitation experts at St. Vincent's Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital are ready to help their patients as soon as they are ready to get back to living their lives.

Typically, patients in these highly qualified rehabilitation programs are recovering from strokes, traumatic brain injury, surgery to remove brain or spinal tumors or other debilitating neurological diseases.

Rehabilitation for patients following neurosurgery can involve everything from challenging physical conditioning and difficult dexterity and balance programs, to repetitive speech and language practice. Depending on the severity, patients have a limited inpatient time frame to rebuild life skills and are urged to make the most of every minute.

Comprehensive treatment regimens are designed to achieve the patient's personal life goals and their family's expectations. So, our nurses and therapists will take every opportunity to reinforce skills that patients need to overcome limitations and get back to living.

From our patients...

quote They have blessed me with my life again. I am so happy to live as I am now. quote

Janice Harris
Jacksonville, FL
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More About Our Services...

Rehab can be done at The Spine and Brain Institute.

During surgery and in the days of recovery that follow, our caring team members share the same love for their work, commitment to excellence and devotion to their patients.



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What we treat

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