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services ortho technologyComputer navigation aids, and knee and hip alignments in complex cases, now enable St. Vincent's to provide minimal incision surgical approaches for both knee and hip surgery. These procedures reduce both recovery time and pain for patients.

Artificial lumbar disc replacement, percutaneous discectomy, and minimal incision spine fusion procedures are performed regularly.

ConforMIS Partial Knee Resurfacing System

St. Vincent's started offering the iUni partial knee resurfacing system made by ConforMIS, a minimally traumatic, patient-specific knee resurfacing implant. It is available to patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, a condition affecting more than 27 million adults in the United States.

This cutting-edge device is the only personalized unicompartmental knee resurfacing implant on the market. The customized system resurfaces only the affected areas, preserving far more bone on both the femur and tibia than traditional total knee replacement surgery. It also preserves all of the patient's ligaments, helping to maintain a more natural feeling knee and safeguard options for future surgical procedures.

Each iUni implant is built specifically for the patient's own knee by utilizing a computer modeling system and proprietary software to extract individual information from CT or MR images. This "image-to-implant" technology provides a 3D image of the knee that is used to guide the design and manufacture of a personalized implant so it conforms to the exact shape and size of the individual knee. Because of its precise size and shape, a ConforMIS implant reduces the need for tissue resection and preserves bone.

This technology allows patients to heal better and faster, and is just another way St Vincent's is working to continue to provide outstanding orthopedic care in Jacksonville.

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