Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services does St. Vincent’s HealthCare’s Orthopedic Center offer?

A: We offer total joint replacement surgery, sports medicine, podiatry, fracture care, general orthopedics, spine care, and hand care.

Q: What types of experts are involved in orthopedic care?

A: When you are treated at our Orthopedic Center, you will be seen by a group of talented physicians and staff including an orthopedic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, a care manager, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a dietitian, a pharmacist, a respiratory therapist, and an inpatient unit nursing staff comprised of an RN, ACP, and unit clerks.

Q: Are there any actions I need to take before undergoing a procedure?

A: As part of the rehabilitation process at St. Vincent’s HealthCare, patients are expected to attend pre-operative education, or "Pre-Hab," prior to undergoing Total Joint Replacement surgery. This is a one-time class offered three times weekly on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. For more information, please call Chris Noll at 904-308-8777.

In order to assist the healthcare team in promoting your optimal recovery from total hip or knee joint replacement surgery, we recommend specific exercises you can do before your surgery to get your body ready for a quicker recovery. These exercises will be discussed in detail during your class and will be tailored specifically for the type of surgery you plan to have.

Q: What are the goals of Physical Therapy?

A: Physical therapists at St. Vincent's establish goals together with the patient once the initial evaluation is completed. These goals will focus on improving and achieving an optimal level of physical function.

Q: How does Occupational Therapy work at St. Vincent's?

A: In our Outpatient Clinic, the occupational therapist will help you continue your rehabilitation program once you have returned home. The therapist will not only provide treatment to maximize your functional abilities, but will also develop an individualized home exercise program to meet your needs.

Q: How do I get scheduled for Outpatient Physical Therapy at St. Vincent's?

A. In order to see a physical therapist at St. Vincent's Outpatient Therapy Clinic, a patient must have an order, or prescription, from a physician. The prescription should include the patients name, diagnosis, any instructions by the physician, and physician signature and date. The next step is to contact the department by calling 904-308-7741 to schedule an initial evaluation.

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