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Prehab: Preparing for Surgery

ortho patient educationAs part of the rehabilitation process at St. Vincent's HealthCare, patients are expected to attend pre-operative education, or "Prehab," prior to undergoing Total Joint Replacement surgery.

The class provides valuable education to the patient, which will ease patient apprehension, establish patient expectations, and make recovery easier and smoother.

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Pre-Op Exercises for Better Healing

In order to assist the healthcare team in promoting your optimal recovery from total hip or knee joint replacement surgery, Total Joint Pre-op Education educators recommend specific exercises you can do before your surgery to get your body ready for a quicker recovery.

These exercises will be discussed in detail during your class and will be tailored specifically for the type of surgery you plan to have. If you'd like a preview, see the link below:

Exercises You Can Begin Today (.pdf)

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