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Our Approach to Lung Cancer Care

 Patients with chronic lung conditions can often bounce from doctor to doctor, resulting in delays in diagnosing and treating cancer in its early stages. By the time need for care is recognized it can often be too late to catch cancer in its most beatable stages. At St. Vincent’s HealthCare, we’ve launched an innovative program to eliminate these delays and optimize the treatment process.

Physician Partnership

We’re working hard to create awareness among local primary care providers of this innovative new approach to addressing lung cancer. Our goal is for primary care providers to refer patients directly to the St. Vincent’s HealthCare Lung Cancer Institute as soon as symptoms are present, rather than prescribing tests and treatments that may only delay a cancer diagnosis.

Tumor Board

Our Tumor Board is a crucial part of our coordinated effort to ensure every patient receives the best possible treatment. Doctors from different specialties meet to discuss each patient’s specific needs and concerns and to determine the best plan of action. This reduces legwork for the patient and provides unequaled expertise for treatment decision making. 

Self Referral

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to contact us. Our nurse navigator is always available to answer questions and help you decide if you need to make an initial appointment. We also offer screenings for those who may not have symptoms but have concerns and risk factors associated with lung cancer.


We believe this comprehensive approach, combined with some of the most sophisticated technology, is helping us treat people with lung cancer more effectively and providing patients with peace of mind. 

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