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Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in the U.S., affecting smokers and non-smokers alike. More people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. And lung cancer among non-smokers is on the rise. Yet many people delay seeking treatment for this disease out of shame, fear, or simply because they don’t recognize the symptoms. That’s why St. Vincent’s Healthcare is investing in an innovative program aimed at beating the lung cancer odds. Let us help you catch lung cancer before it’s too late. 


Continuum of Care

Streamlined Process

The Lung Cancer Institute is your one-stop shop for lung cancer care.  Our comprehensive approach saves precious time and prevents patients from falling through the cracks.  We’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.

Nurse Navigator

Our nurse navigator is a certified oncology nurse who serves as patient advocates throughout the treatment process. Your personal nurse navigator will help guide you throughout the process-- scheduling appointments, helping with paperwork, coordinating logistics among your care team, and answering your questions. For you, this coordinated effort translates into faster treatment, better outcomes, and fewer headaches.

Early Screening

Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be curable. That’s why we’re committed to early screening with the most advance tools.  We’ve even developed a comprehensive screening package specifically for those who have no symptoms.  

Fast Results

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for the results of a biopsy or other test. At St. Vincent’s HealthCare we pride ourselves on fast results. We’re investing in some of the latest diagnostic technology to diagnose patients faster so we can put their minds at ease sooner.

Our sophisticated digital imaging tools assist in expert decision making and treatment. One choice is a minimally-invasive procedure using the i·Logic™ System by superDimension.* Using GPS-like navigation technology i·Logic™ helps doctors reach lesions deep in the lungs with minimal trauma to the patient. This enables them to diagnose lung disease faster and more accurately, avoiding the need for higher risk procedures. Learn more at www.superdimension.com
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