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Our team of professionals at the St. Vincent’s HealthCare Lung Cancer Institute are committed to close collaboration for improved lung cancer services. We work closely together to keep patients from falling through the cracks that result in delayed treatment. Central to this approach is our nurse navigator who serves as the patient advocate throughout diagnosis and any necessary treatment and recovery.

Physician Collaboration

 We’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team of specialists to ensure our ultimate goal of catching and treating lung cancer early. Our dedicated team forms a network of expertise and individualized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs:

  • Pathology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Pulmonary
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Hematology Oncology

Our combined expertise and experience means unparalleled lung cancer care for our patients.

Advisory Board

Lung Cancer Institute Planning Committee is comprised of the following specialists:

  • Dr. Marc Mostovych, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  • Dr. Raymond Lee, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  • Dr. Daniel Wyzan, Pulmonologist
  • Dr. Ricardo Izurieta, Pulmonologist
  • Dr. Steven Siegel, Hematologist/Oncologist
  • Dr. Ryan Perkins, Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Michael Donohue, Radiologist
  • Dr. Brett Cantrell, Pathologist
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