Heart Failure Education

At St. Vincent’s, our goal isn’t just to treat patients in order to get them healthy enough for discharge.  On a daily basis, we’re going the extra mile to make sure our patients don’t end up back in the hospital.

The Heart Failure Clinic identifies at-risk patients, cuts down on hospital readmissions and assists patients in their transition back to post-hospital life.  Within seven days of discharge, the patients are seen in a doctor’s office setting.  The nurse practitioner does a head to toe assessment to check vital signs, blood pressure etc. This is an opportunity for the nurse practitioner and the patient to establish a relationship.  The transitional care coordinators also get to know the patients.  They call patients to remind them of their scheduled appointments, make sure they have transportation and answer any questions that may arise. 

In addition to the Heart Failure Clinic, St. Vincent’s has introduced the Heart Failure University.  This is a FREE program designed to help heart failure patients increase their understanding of heart failure and learn ways to manage the disease.  Classes meet for four weeks every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3pm at St. Vincent’s Riverside.  The first hour spent at the Heart Failure University is educational. 

Patients are learning:

  • The anatomy and functions of the heart
  • Medications for heart failure
  • Nutrition
  • Management of heart failure
  • Treatment options
  • Stress Management

During the second hour of each class, patients learn physical exercises in the cardiopulmonary rehab gym to strengthen their heart and improve their overall health.

To sign up for the Heart Failure University, call (904) 308-7560.