Support Services And Resources

Candid Conversations About Breast Cancer

Join us for an informal program where women facing breast cancer can talk with our experts about their experience and concerns. This is not a lecture or an educational forum… it’s simply conversations: intimate, personal, interesting, and helpful conversations. Our breast health experts know how stressful a diagnosis of breast cancer is. Working as a team, a cancer doctor, registered nurse, and patient advocate are available for this night of informal conversations. Sessions are held monthly from 6:00 to 7 p.m. in the Mary Virginina Terry Cancer Center 2nd Floor (St. Vincent’s Medical Center Riverside campus). To reserve your place in one or more of these conversations, call 904-308-5490.

Care Management

St. Vincent's HealthCare has social workers and care managers available to assist our cancer patients. These staff help link patients and families to community resources, assist with establishing a discharge plan from the hospital, and provide support and counseling related to the patient’s illness. 

Hospice Liaison Program

Because we believe that end-of-life experiences should be filled with dignity and respect, St. Vincent's HealthCare (SVHC) offers patients and families the opportunity to receive services from a hospice program serving their geographic location. The social worker will arrange for a hospice liaison nurse to meet with the patient and family to review services provided and enroll the patient if desired.

Extraordinary Resources

Additionally, we offer a variety of patient and community education materials, physician referrals, and immediate access to the registered nurses in HealthLink for answers to your questions and concerns. Some of these components include:

Deliver The Dream

SVHC partners with the Deliver the Dream Foundation to provide four-day all expenses paid respite retreats to cancer patients and their families. For the past six years, SVHC has sent 15 families to this retreat where they can participate in activities such as rock-wall climbing, fishing, arts & crafts, and going to a rodeo. In addition to all the fun things the families get to do together, they participate in support groups to learn new coping skills and to help each other through their cancer journey.


SVHC is proud to have a complement of three associates who serve as patient advocates. Working as a team, these three advocates identify any potential needs patients may have and try to help them in advance of a problem occurring. They serve as liaisons between the patient and the healthcare providers to make sure there are no unanswered questions. The advocates live the mission of St. Vincent’s every day by being there for the patient, offering a warm, compassionate person to listen and hold your hand when times are tough. Sometimes, the small things make all the difference during a patient’s cancer journey.


SVHC is the only program in this geographic area with a licensed Dietitian committed solely to the care of cancer patients. Our Dietitian works with patients to make sure they are maintaining good nutrition and weight during treatments and gives them options if they are having difficulties. The Dietitian also serves as a liaison between the patients and the healthcare providers to make sure the patient receives seamless care.


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