Lymphedema & Rehab Services


Although not a surgical solution to cancer, sometimes patients may need aftercare, such as Lymphedema Services, to regain their quality of life.

St. Vincent's Medical Center Riverside and Southside are two of only a few centers in North Florida that offer certified therapy for treatment of lymphedema. Treatment plans, administered by licensed physical and occupational therapists, are customized to each individual's condition. After an assessment, the therapist will make recommendations on the amount and length of therapy needed.

Breast cancer treatment may impact your physical abilities and lifestyle interfering with normal activities of daily living, work and/or leisure interests.

Breast cancer rehabilitation can:

  • reduce arm/chest pain
  • improve shoulder range of motion and strength
  • build overall strength and endurance
  • improve functional independence
  • create a sense of physical and emotional well-being
  • manage swelling of the arm

Breast cancer rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Rehabilitation Department is designed in a way that you may begin treatment at any stage of your cancer treatment.  An individualized treatment program may include any or all of the following:

  • Pre-surgical assessment
  • Post-operative assessment and treatment options
  • Lymphedema evaluation/treatment/education
  • Post-rehab Wellness program

Our breast cancer rehabilitation service is staffed with caring and experienced physical and occupational therapists.  We adopt an ‘In Action’ approach which enhances self-confidence, coping abilities and wellness.  We are dedicated to support you before, during and/or after your cancer treatment.

If you feel this service could help please contact your physician for a referral and/or call us for more information.

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