Cancer Services

St. Vincent's HealthCare offers the most technologically advanced methods and equipment to provide comprehensive cancer treatment.

Components include:

Mission Focused

"Rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer, we commit ourselves to serving all persons, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable..." so begins our mission statement and such is the foundation for the cancer services we offer. Whether "poor and vulnerable" refer to a financial, spiritual, or emotional need, St. Vincent's is there to help. Some of our mission-focused cancer services include:

  • The Mobile Mammography: screening mammography services provided in the community for ease of access
  • Family Practice Medicine Center, primary care services for those in need
  • Financial counseling and financial aid
  • Pastoral care and spiritual support
  • Social work services
  • Free and discounted services based upon need
  • A licensed Dietitian committed solely to the care of cancer patients
  • Patient Advocate helping patients navigate from a screening mammogram through diagnostic testing and diagnosis
  • Nurse Patient Advocate helping patients navigate the system once a breast cancer diagnosis has been made
  • Cancer Patient Advocate helping patients with any type of cancer navigate the system throughout the cancer journey

All of our Patient Advocates provide education and emotional support to patients in need. They are available to be with patients during procedures and assist as needed with any questions the patient or family may have.

Cancer Annual Report 2014

Each year the SVHC Cancer Committee prepares an annual report to the community highlighting the services, incident analysis, and major sites treated the previous year. Download the latest copy of this report here

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