Breast Cancer Care

At St. Vincent’s, screening is just the start when it comes to our comprehensive Breast Cancer Care Program, just ask Rosa.

Rosa C. thinks the best thing a women can do for herself is to get a yearly mammogram. She has been making it a priority for 36 years! A benign tumor early in her life prompted her to start yearly mammograms at the age of 35. Then in September 2013 she had an abnormal mammogram and needed a biopsy. The radiologist confirmed it was stage one cancer. Her surgeon suggested a double mastectomy based on success rates and she also received radiation and chemotherapy. During her treatment, Rosa lost her appetite and worked with our cancer dietitian to find recipes and supplements that would keep her energy up. 

Rosa attends free weekly yoga classes at St. Vincent’s and our monthly breast cancer support group, Candid Conversations. Her experience at St. Vincent’s has made her want to give back to other patients and volunteer at St. Vincent’s on-site American Cancer Society office.

Accredited Breast Health Program

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Riverside is proud to be home to Northeast Florida’s first National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) accredited breast health program

NAPBC accredited facilities provide you with the highest levels of care and include:

  • A complete range of state-of-the-art services and equipment
  • A multidisciplinary team-approach to coordinate the best available treatment options 
  • Information about ongoing cancer clinical trials and new treatment options 
  • Access to prevention and early detection programs, cancer education and support services 
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvements in cancer care
“Everyone you come in contact with at St. Vincent’s is caring and welcomes you. I was blessed to have a wonderful experience with the staff and I still do.”
-Rosa C

Contact St. Vincent's Cancer Services

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