St. Vincent's HealthCare Cancer Committee

St. Vincent's Cancer Committee is a long-standing group of professionals that has oversight responsibilities for all cancer care, from education, to medical treatments, to support and community outreach. The committee is made up of cancer physicians (as well as other disciplines like Family Practice, dentistry, etc.) and staff and administration from a variety of departments.

 Paul B. Ossi, MD
 William Sumner, MD
 ACoS Physician Liaison
 Ryan Perkins, MD
 Steven Siegel, MD *
 Leann Fox, MD

 Brett Cantrell, MD

 Anne Bernstein, MD
 Daniel Wyzan, MD  
 Ricardo Izurieta, MD
 Paul Crum, Sr., MD
 Brian McKibben, MD
 Michael Donohue, MD
 Paul Nowicki, MD
 Donald Smitha, DDS
 James E. Hardy, III, MD

 Ann Berry, RN

 Robin Bettman, RPH, BCOP *


 Kelly Brockmeier
 Tanya Brown, RN
 Breast Cancer Patient Advocate
 Jamie Buller, LCSW  Care Management
 Barbara Dearmon, CTR *  Oncology Data Services
 Alanna Eubanks, RD 
 Cynthia Farah, RT
 Cancer Services
 Suzanne Greer

 ACS Representative

 Wendy Holt, RN

 Cancer Research
 Cathy Lane, RN
 Radiation Oncology
 Eric Lisitano
 Rehabilitative Services
 David Meyer, VP
 Elaine Murtha
 Medical Imaging, Radiation Oncology, Rehab Services
 Jill Nelson, RT

 Breast Center

 Marlynn Townsend, RT
 Cancer Patient Advocate
 Carol Trudel *  Performance Improvement
 Sister Andrea Zbiegien, D.Min
 Pastoral Care

* Cancer Committee Coordinator

Cancer Annual Report 2014

Each year the SVHC Cancer Committee prepares an annual report to the community highlighting the services, incident analysis, and major sites treated the previous year. Download the latest copy of this report here

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