What to Expect

The path to your procedure may vary, depending on the type of procedure planned, the physician, insurance plan and your health. The entire process, from initial consultation to procedure generally takes four months to complete. However, it can take more time depending on your availability and insurance requirements.

Attend an Informational Session

We host monthly information seminars. The goal is simply to educate you about all aspects of weight loss procedures and have your questions answered by physicians and staff. 

Consult with a Program Physician and Patient Advocate

The physician will help you determine whether you are a strong candidate for a procedure. The patient advocate will talk you through the pre-procedure process and coordinate your evaluations and labs. 

Consult with a Dietitian and Mental Health Professional

You will meet with a registered dietitian and psychologist or behavioral health professional to assess your readiness to undergo a weight loss procedure and to follow the regimen required after your procedure.  St. Vincent’s has a multi-disciplinary team in place to walk you through the process.

Follow a Pre-Procedure Weight Loss Program

You may be required by your insurance company to participate in a series of multidisciplinary classes designed to prepare you with successful lifestyle skills following your procedure.  This step can be started immediately after the initial consultation and continues to the time of your procedure. This includes dietary and exercise recommendations, behavior modification and nutrition. 

Insurance Authorization

Upon completion of all pre-procedure clearances and insurance requirements, our insurance specialist will begin the authorization process with your insurance provider. The approval process usually takes between 5 and30 days

Pre-Procedure Preparation Classes

You may be required by your insurance provider to attend specific pre-procedure classes to acquaint you with what to expect during your surgery and your hospital stay.


Your physician will let you know how long your particular procedure may take and the expected time you may stay in the hospital. 

After Your Procedure

Your weight loss program doesn’t end here. Successful weight loss procedures are just a part of our comprehensive support system, which will also include changing behaviors.

Expect to visit your doctor on a frequent basis in the weeks following your procedure and regularly during the first and second year. Also expect to schedule follow up visits annually.

Attend a Weight Loss Info Session

Search for a session, call us at 904-450-6090 or email us