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Wendy Aldrige


Bariatric surgery not only changed Wendy Aldridge's life, but the lives of her whole family. Like many women, Wendy gained much of her weight after the birth of each of her two children. Before surgery Wendy weighed 270 pounds. Her more than 130 pound weight loss has inspired her whole family. Wendy's husband lost 80 pounds in large part from working out with her. She's inspired her children to try to maintain more healthy weights and her aunt to have the bariatric surgery herself.

Once busy trying diet after diet, weight loss pills and various doctors, Wendy and her husband now spend their time running races and marathons to stay fit and trim. "Before the surgery I had never run a day in my life even when I was younger," Wendy says. "Now I run and I love it! I absolutely recommend the surgery. I think it's a wonderful tool that can help anyone."

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