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Undergoing bariatric surgery will not only change you physically, it will also challenge you emotionally. That's why we offer an array of support services including motivational group meetings, nutrition education classes and much more.

We sponsor many events throughout the year to keep you going and assist you in reaching your goals.

The bariatric healthcare teams consist of RNs, dietitians, psychologists and other healthcare professionals with vast experience in assisting patients throughout the weight loss surgery process. These professionals will participate in pre-op care and education.

The dietitian will discuss necessary diet changes, the psychologist will perform an evaluation in order to help identify behaviors that may interfere with long-term success of surgery, and the surgeon will assist in educating you on weight-reduction techniques.

We also sponsor many events throughout the year to keep you going and assist you in reaching your goals.

We also offer education on areas of interest that pertain to your post-operative experience, such as suggested diet, pre-op protein and vitamin intake, change in behavior and exercise, plastic surgery and everyday issues.

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