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Elmer Holbrooks


As a minister, Elmer Holbrooks is seen by a lot of people. So after his bariatric surgery you can imagine the number of compliments he got. But somehow he managed to never get tired of hearing, "Man, you look good!"

Elmer was active even at his heaviest weight of 285 pounds, but he fatigued quickly. Coming from a family with weight issues, he's tried lots of diets. "I would see others have a big weight loss and look great, but the next year they would balloon back up. I didn't want to yoyo up and down so I just stayed heavy."

Then Pastor Elmer saw a woman at a church function that seemed to be unrecognizable to friends and family because of a tremendous weight loss. He inquired and she happily told him about the Lap Band procedure.

After his bariatric surgery, Elmer is almost 100 pounds lighter. He's gone from taking 11 shots of insulin a day down to one and hopes to be completely insulin free soon. Elmer says, "With the surgery I simply eat less." He even has a special card allowing him to order kids meals at restaurants.

Elmer recommends the surgery. "If you can't get your weight under control and want to have a life again, proceed with the Lap Band."

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