St. Vincent's Ambulance Service Training & Education

The staff at St. Vincent's Ambulance Service realizes that the goal of excellence in healthcare cannot be reached alone in most cases the public is the first and most vital link in the chain of survival by initiating the EMS System.

The St. Vincent's Ambulance Service Staff feels that through a cooperative effort in educating the community in disease and accident prevention and practical life-saving skills, such as CPR, the survival rates of persons with cardiac emergencies and sudden accidents can increase. St. Vincent's Ambulance Service employees are provided free training in the following areas:

  • CPR & AED
  • First Aid*
  • HIV/AIDS education (1-hour CEU)
  • Back Safety
  • Domestic Violence (1-hour CEU)
  • Customized in-services

* Accredited by the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs

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