St. Vincent's Ambulance Service Dispatch

The St. Vincent's Ambulance Service Communications Center is setting the standard in Northeast Florida with ambulances that can be routed and dispatched within seconds.

  • Staffed 24 hours a day with nationally certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs)
  • Global Positioning System in every unit allowing for continual tracking and immediate call routing
  • Computer Aided Dispatch System
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch System - allowing for immediate life-saving instructions while on the telephone with a dispatcher.

Medical Priority Dispatch System

St. Vincent's Ambulance Service responds to an average of 15,000 calls annually in the Northeast Florida area. Combining a nationally accredited Medical Priority Dispatch System Protocol and Global tracking in every unit, emergency calls are taken quickly and effortlessly by asking only a few simple questions and obtaining quick reference to the patients condition.

By asking these questions, St. Vincent's Ambulance Service dispatchers can quickly determine the patient's needs and send an appropriate unit. If unable to provide a timely response, the dispatcher will make the caller aware and offer to refer the call to the local 9-1-1 agency. This referral call is placed by St. Vincent's Ambulance Service dispatcher.