St. Vincent's Ambulance Service Billing and Payment

St. Vincent's Ambulance Service relies on timely payment for services rendered to ensure that resources are available for continued care and future growth.

St. Vincent's Ambulance Service has many convenient ways to accept payment:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Time-payment plan
  • Charity Care, based upon the National Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Contracted rates for individuals leaving or entering a facility with an active contract with St. Vincent's Ambulance Service


St. Vincent's Ambulance Service associates are trained in Medicare reimbursement changes under the Prospective Payment Services with a goal to provide transportation services at a reasonable cost to Skilled Nursing Facilities. St. Vincent's Ambulance Service has designed a contractual price structure for all services to allow for ease of payment to decrease the financial hardship that many facilities may expect because of PPS.

The facility is not responsible for the following services. These may continue to be billed separately to the Medicare carrier by APT:

  • The initial trip for admission to the skilled nursing facility
  • The final trip following discharge from the skilled nursing facility
  • Any trip in connection with an inpatient admission to a hospital
  • Any trip in connection with an outpatient hospital service that is not part of the patient's written plan of care, e.g., an emergency trip from a skilled nursing facility to a hospital and return