St. Vincent's Orthopedic Center of Excellence


St. Vincent’s Riverside performs more knee replacement surgeries than any other hospital in the entire State of Florida. It’s a top ten performer when it comes to hip replacements and St. Vincent’s Southside is not far behind in volume. It is 11th in the state for the total number of knee replacements it performs and 18th in the number of hips replaced. Combined volume for the two programs makes it one of the busiest in the entire state and that is saying a lot considering much of the competition has more than ten hospitals. That’s why the Joint Commission has given both hospitals its highest honor and certified each program as an Orthopedic Center of Excellence.


Orthopedic Quality Statistics
  • St. Vincent’s HealthCare (SVHC) Surgical Site Infection Rates are 72% Better Than the National Average on Hip Replacements
  • SVHC Surgical Site Infection Rates are 89% Better Than the National Average on Knee Replacements
  • The patient length of stay at SVHC is 14.2% shorter than the national average.
  • SVHC has 14.9% fewer complications in total joint replacements than than our regional competitors
  • Patient Re-Admissions with knee replacements at SVHC are 12.5% better than the state average
  • Patient Re-Admissions with hip replacements at SVHC are 23.4% better than the state average