The H.O.P.E. program offers financial assistance

St. Vincent’s Mission is to help those who are struggling. Our Health Outreach Patient Eligibility program (H.O.P.E.) aims to improve access to medical care for those experiencing financial hardships by enrolling those that qualify in financial assistance programs. These programs and services include:

  • Medicaid, including Medicaid PSN and Medicaid HMOs
  • Florida KidCare, Healthy Kids
  • Charity applications
  • Financial counseling and payment arrangements
  • Other State and Federally funded programs
  • Help finding a physician

Patients are supervised by a financial counselor throughout the entire process. To help the application process move along, applicants are encouraged to:
  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding household members, employment/income information and asset information.
  • Bring their medical bill(s), personal forms and documents, and identification with them
H.O.P.E. Checklist
  • You must apply for and comply with the application process for any available local, state, or federally funded program for which you may qualify. Failure to do so will result in a denial of your application.
  • You are responsible for all medical service charges until your application for financial assistance is approved.
Please have the following items with you when you apply:

Applicant’s Proof of ID (submit at least two)

  • Examples include: a birth certificate, passport, alien registration card, picture ID, driver’s license

Household income information for the last 4 weeks

  • Examples include: check stubs, checking account showing income deposit, unemployment letter, signed letter of support if receiving no income

Additional information and/or documentation may be required to complete your application. All information is subject to verification. Providing false information may result in a DENIAL of any type of financial assistance.

Approval is subject to the assurance that you will apply for and assign to this facility any benefits available from insurance, liability insurance (PIP/Bodily Injury), Medicare, Medicaid, or public assistance as a result of our service provided to you. All other funding sources not limited to those listed above and including settlement funds take precedence to financial assistance.

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