Continuing Medical Education

In 1992 St. Vincent's Medical Center was granted accreditation by the Florida Medical Association to provide medical education activities for physicians. Following the addition of St. Luke's Hospital in April 2008, accreditation was transferred to the name of the parent company, St. Vincent's HealthCare.

Our Commitment

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For more information on CME courses, contact Cindy Williamson, CME Coordinator at 904.308.8125 or via e-mail at

The Commitment of the St. Vincent's HealthCare Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program is to provide practicing physicians with high quality educational experiences that impart new knowledge, teach new skills, review basic science techniques and develop appropriate physician-patient relationships. All CME activities sponsored by SVHC will be scientifically accurate, provide a balanced perspective, and be consistent with the ethical guidelines and standards of educational excellence of SVHC.

Content Areas

The content areas of the CME activities will be structured for knowledge acquisition as well as reinforcement of basic science skills and the disciplines of clinical medicine generally recognized and accepted by the medical profession.

Target Audiences

Because of the breadth of knowledge and expertise of its medical staff, SVHC has the academic resources to offer CME activities in many areas of medicine. The scope of the CME commitment is to design educational activities to meet the needs of audiences ranging from primary care to specialty care physicians. CME activities are created for the medical staff of SVHC but are open to all medical staff members in Jacksonville and the surrounding community.

Type of Activities

Educational activities provided through the SVHC CME Program are acceptable for the American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition Award (AMA PRA) Category 1 credit hours. These activities include grand rounds, workshops, conferences, symposiums, visiting professor lectures and enduring materials, including online CME courses available on the SVHC Intranet and Internet.

In order to increase ties with the medical community, SVHC will jointly sponsor CME activities with non-accredited organizations affiliated with St. Vincent’s provided the activities are consistent with the SVHC Mission Statement and the SVHC CME Statement of Commitment. SVHC must be integrally involved in the planning, administration and evaluation of these jointly sponsored activities.

Expected Results

SVHC will evaluate the effectiveness of its CME Program for evidence of improved patient care outcomes, improved medical staff practice patterns, cost reduction, and lower morbidity/mortality rates.

 Mandatory CME Requirements